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Seeding & Aerating
Middletown, New Jersey
Seeding Facts
   The best time to seed your lawn in our area is Late August to Early October. 
   The first basic fact about seeding your lawn is that your lawn will only be as good  the grass seed that you use. The seed that you purchase from Home & Garden Centers do not do the job, in fact they cause problems. There are many varieties to choose from and most of these blends will not stand the test of time and will actually create long term problems. 
   The seed varieties that I use are University tested and developed specifically for our area. That way the best long term results are possible. These grass seed varieties are more drought, insect, and disease tolerant than any other grass seed source.
Spike Aerating
   Another thing to consider when seeding your lawn is cultivation. Cultivation is what you do to prepare your soil for seeding. While some lawns can be simply overseeded with no cultivation, most lawns should be aerated for best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions about seeding
Q. My lawn looks good. Why should I seed my lawn ?

A. You should at least overseed your lawn to some degree every season. New seed cultivars are constantly being developed that are more insect,disease,and drought resistant. This way your lawn will benefit from having new grass filling in your lawn.

Q. Can I seed my own lawn ?

A. Yes, However the seed available for homeowners is not the best, and can be counterproductive. Don't be fooled by products from well known companies that use crafty marketing and packaging designed to make you believe that the seed is of Premium Quality. The seed that we use was developed for our area. Also when we seed your lawn, we apply other beneficial materials that are detrimental for the proper growth of your lawn.

Q. The landscaper who mows my lawn can seed my lawn for less. Why can't he seed my lawn?

A. You can, but I rarely see a quality seeding done this way. Most of these companies not only don't use quality seed blends, but they apply the seed sparingly and they don't include fertilizer, calcium, and humates in their price. Also they use a fast growing variety of grass that in the long run your lawn will suffer and possibly need expensive correction measures in the future. We specialize in lawn installations and treatments so you can be sure that you are getting the best value.

Q. My lawn was seeded 2-3 weeks ago and seems to be slow growing. Why?

A. When using top quality grass seed varieties, you can expect slow germination in general because of many factors, such as soil, water, fertility, recent weed control, insect damage, and traffic on the lawn. That is why you should plan and schedule your lawn aerating and seeding for early in September to obtain the best results. keep in mind that it will take a minimum of 2 months before the young turf grass develops and still may not fill in until the following spring. This is normal and beneficial.

Q. The seed in my lawn is germinating but I have weeds. Can you spray my weeds?

A. NO!!!!!!!  Weed control will damage the young grass. If early planning is done for your seeding, then the weeds can be sprayed in August to prepare for the seeding.

Q. Why should I seed my lawn when just going to re-seed itself anyway?

A. This is a common myth that many people have. First of all turfgrass develops its seed stalk later in the Spring at the time that crabgrass preventer is applied. This prevents the grass seed from germinating as well. You wouldn't want these seeds to germinate anyway because these seeds are not "true to type" grass plants, that if they do germinate, because of the science involved in developing turfgrass seed, will mutate into some other unwanted grass type. 

Q. Is Slice Seeding the best method for establishing a lawn ?

A. On Home lawns slice seeding is very inconsistent because the soil surface is not flat enough to apply the seed at a consistent depth. Also the machines that are used and available for rental are not actually slice seeders, they are nothing more than a power rake with a seed hopper that does not plant the seed in the ground. A true slice seeder is a very expensive machine and very few companies actually use them.