Frequently Asked  Questions
Middletown, New Jersey
Q. Do I have grubs if there are moles tunneling in my lawn?
A. Maybe. While moles do feed on grubs, they also feed on earthworms that are abundant in the soil. It should be inspected, If there are grubs then an insecticide may be called for, but it should not be applied just because you see moles in your lawn. The insect control will not kill 100% of the grubs anyway, so this measure never eliminates mole problems.

Q. If I cut my lawn short (below 2 1/2"), can I cut my lawn less often?
A. NO!!! When your lawn is cut short the mechanism within the grass plant will make the grass plant want to grow back even faster. If you do this often it will eventually permanently damage the lawn. The proper height should be 3.5''-4.5". Cutting your lawn short will also encourage the spreading of weeds and crabgrass. Visit the Lawn Care Tips page

Q. How long should I stay off my lawn after a treatment?
A. If it's a pesticide application, you need to stay off the lawn until any sprays have dried or any dusts have settled if it's a dry application.

Q. Do I need to be home when a treatment is made?
A. No. but if you have a gate , it needs to be unlocked for access.

Q. When can I cut my lawn?
A. Genarally you can cut your lawn at any time without affecting the treatment. However there are some rare occasions when we need to coordinate your mowing. In that case we will contact you.

Q. Should I bag my clippings when I cut my lawn?
A. NO. The grass clippings offer valuable nutrients and moisture that are returned back to the soil that your lawn will benefit from. If you are getting to much clumping then you need to mow more often and/or higher. Light clumping can be spread thin with a leaf blower. 

Q. It rained after you treated my lawn, did the application wash away?
A. NO!  Lawn treatments do not just wash away. In fact most treatments are enhanced by rainfall after a lawn application.

Q. There are leaves on my lawn, will this affect the lawn application?
A. NO. The fertilizer pellets are designed to roll off of leaves and other things and on to the lawn. Even if you clean up the leaves after the treatment, it will not effect the results. However the leave laying on the lawn for to long will cause damage to the lawn.

Q. It's been hot and the lawn is turning brown, can I skip the summer treatment? "It's not going to help anyway".
A. NO. In fact you need the treatment even more so that when good condition return, you want to make sure that your lawn has the nutrition needed to recover. Also our treatment is based on what is happening to your lawn at the time of the application. Even more importantly that application will have insect control in it, and that is important because when your lawn is stressed, lawn insects will move into those areas quickly. And the fertilizer that is used at that time is a root developing nature that does not burn your lawn during hot and dry weather.

Q. My lawn was flooded during the storm. Can anything be done?
A. Yes. And the sooner it is treated to nuetralize the salt, the better off your lawn will be. The summer hot weather will ultimately cause problems. Call for a FREE Evaluation and Soil Test and I can explain in more detail. 732-671-2020

Q. My lawn looks off color when the cold weather comes, Why ?
A. Your lawn is dormant and there are so many factors incuding unknown factors that will make your lawn off color. There is no solution for this as the lawn will not visually respond to treatments in the Winter and it is also against the Law to Fertilize your lawn in the winter.